System Accessories

Building an Embedded System for practical use generally requires more than just a computer board and software. When going beyond proof-of-concept your designs will often need to be constructed in an organized and durable form.

SCIDYNE offer several accessory products to help make your designs successful.

Terminal Boards

Make the connection between your Single-Board-Computer, Microcontroller, or other device to field wiring easy, reliable, and secure.


IDC Ribbon Cable to Screw-Terminals


Stock #100-7625

Our IDC-STB family of screw terminal boards provides a convenient and secure way to transition from female IDC flat ribbon cables to individually accessible field terminations. Each wire of the ribbon cable is routed to a separate screw terminal. In addition, a solder-pad prototyping area is provided which permits custom intermediate circuitry to be easily added.

Key Features
  • Convert IDC Flat Ribbon cable to Screw-Terminals
  • Terminals accept wires in the range of 12-24AWG
  • On-Board prototyping area
  • Available in several popular sizes: 26, 34, 40, 50, and 60 positions


Universal Terminal Board

UTB-1 Terminal Board

Stock #100-7593

Frequently the I/O signals from computer boards must be electronically isolated, scaled or conditioned in some way before the device can be used in any practical real-world application. In addition, IDC type connectors are commonly used which require adding a screw-terminal block when connecting to field wiring. The UTB-1 is designed to address both of these issues in one easy-to-apply product. A generous solder-pad prototyping area enables the construction of custom intermediate circuitry while the dual row of pads accepts multiple and various sized IDC headers.

Key Features
  • 16-Position Removable terminal block accepts 12-22AWG wires
  • Solder-pad prototyping area for easy custom circuitry construction
  • Pad layout and wire access for DB25 connector
  • Compact size (3"W x 4.5"L) Mounts on SNAPTRACK, Din Rail, or standoffs

DIN Rail Hardware

Use DIN rail to mount your assemblies and components in an organized and professional manner.

DIN Rail

Industry standard 35mm width

DIN Rail

DIN Rail

DIN rail is widely used for mounting components, assemblies, and industrial control devices inside equipment racks and enclosures.

Key Features
  • Available in 35mm x 7.5 mm and 35mm x 15mm sizes
  • Slotted for easy mounting on back-panel

DIN Rail Clips

Mount circuit boards and assemblies on DIN Rail

DIN Rail Clips

Stock #121-0019

These clips allow your circuit boards and assemblies to mount on DIN Rail. Multiple styles to choose from.

Key Features
  • Non-Conductive plastic
  • Snap-Fit and Screw-Down styles available

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous items to complete your design

Cable Assemblies

Ribbon Cable Assemblies

IDC ribbon cable

Stock #115-7623

Multi-Conductor flat ribbon cable has IDC connector on each end and is keyed to help prevent incorrect installation when matting to shrouded headers. Cables are gray in color with #1 wire clearly identified by red strip.

Key Features
  • Multi-Conductor ribbon cable
  • Available in several popular sizes
  • Keyed IDC connector helps prevent incorrect installation
  • Contacts are Phosphor Bronze plated with Gold-Over-Nickel
  • 28-AWG wire size


Mounting Track System for Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies



SNAPTRACK is a non-conductive, rigid extruded PVC channel for mounting circuit boards and assemblies.

Key Features
  • Convenient mounting of circuit boards and assemblies
  • No tools required to insert or remove boards
  • Non-conductive PVC material
  • Available in several popular standard widths

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