This page contains links to useful information related to products offered by SCIDYNE and Embedded Systems in general.

SCIDYNE Technical Notes, White Papers and Product Application Information

TN-191 - Use a Video Display Terminal for Enhanced Program Debugging and Operation

This Tech Note describes how a Video Display Terminal (a.k.a. "VDT" or just "Terminal") can be a useful tool when working with low-cost development boards and embedded systems. Control Codes and Escape Sequences are explained and the concepts demonstrated using an Arduino MEGA microcontroller board and VT100 compatible terminal.

TN-192 - Bar Graph shows analog trends on a dot-matrix character LCD module

Learn how to create and display horizontal bar graphs on a normally text only dot-matrix LCD module.



Beagle Board

Raspberry Pi

Manufacturer's Data Sheets

These manufacture's data sheets are for some of the devices used in SCIDYNE products and are made available here as a convenience to our customers. Although every attempt is made to provide the latest information, users should contact the actual manufacturer when in doubt.

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