Arduino Peripherals

Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega2560

Arduino is a popular open-source electronics computing platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. A basic Arduino board is quite versatile in its own right and, depending on the model chosen, provides features such as serial communications, analog and digital I/O, USB, or EtherNet.

In practice however, most system designs benefit by adding specialized and general purpose peripheral boards, also called "shields", to enhance and expand the basic functionality. The peripheral boards plug in to mating connectors located on the Arduino in a stack-together fashion. Numerous manufactures support the Arduino standard resulting in readily available off-the-shelf solutions, multiple product sources, and reduced costs.

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24-Channel Digital I/O Interface


Stock #100-7692

Interfacing an Arduino UNO, MEGA2560 or compatible to external devices is easy with our DIO24-ARD. On-board high-current drivers and the IDC connector match industry standard 8, 16, and 24 position Solid-State Input/Output Modules and racks.

Key Features
  • 24 programmable digital I/O channels
  • Individually configure each channel as an input or output
  • High output current, 85ma sink per channel
  • Use supplied library or standard Arduino SPI functions
  • Drives industry standard Solid-State I/O racks
  • Connect to switches, relays, LED's, and more


External Memory Plus Parallel Expansion Bus for MEGA 2560


Stock #100-7699

Give your Arduino MEGA2560 the memory it needs to handle more sophisticated applications. The XMEM+ plugs on top of the MEGA and uses simple software routines to activate and manage the added SRAM memory. Use the Expansion Bus to develop and test parallel circuitry. Your circuits actually become part of the MEGA2560 memory space and run at full system clock speed. No execution time and resource wasting "bit-Banging" needed!

Key Features
  • Adds 512KB SRAM
  • On-Board High-Speed Logic saves digital pins
  • True Parallel Bus Expansion: Data, Address, Control
  • Buffered signals operate at 3.3V or 5V
  • Appears seamlessly in Arduino memory space



64-Channel Digital I/O Interface


Stock #100-7728

Adds 64 Digital I/O to Arduino and compatibles via I2C bus. Ideal for digital intensive applications like automated test equipment. Software programmable Pull-Ups on inputs simplifiy switch and sensor reading.

Key Features
  • 64 programmable digital I/O channels
  • Individually configure each channel as an input or output
  • Software programmable Pull-Ups on all inputs
  • Change-of-State and Pattern-Matching interrupt capability
  • Jumper selectable operating voltage as +3.3V or +5.0V



Combination Analog and Digital I/O


Stock #100-7714

Many embedded systems require the measurement and control of analog and digital signals. The MULTI-IO-ARD has been designed to satisfy these needs with a single Arduino compatible shield.

Key Features
  • Sixteen programmable digital I/O channels
  • Eight 16-Bit Analog Inputs
  • Eight 12-Bit Analog Outputs
  • Uses standard I2C Wire routines
  • Supported by Open-Source Third-Party libraries
  • Jumper selectable +3.3V or +5.0V operating voltage

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