Signal Conditioning and System Expansion

System Expansion

Interfacing embedded computers to real-world signals is straight-forward with our XIO series of System Expansion boards. Mix-and-match among functions to meet your application, such as high-current relay outputs or AC/DC inputs. Multiple XIO boards can be daisy-chained together to create special I/O configurations such as high-count multi-pole relays.

Standard features include detachable screw-terminals for convenient wiring to field devices, and built-in status LED's which clearly show each boards operation. For ease of installation all XIO series boards are designed to mount in one of three ways: placed within a 3" SNAPTRACK, by using standoffs, or by attaching it to a DIN rail using SNAPTRACK with special adapter clips.


Relay Output Board


Stock #100-7632

The XIO-RO8 accepts up to three 8-bit TTL/CMOS digital ports and uses one of the ports to control eight isolated SPDT (Form C i.e.; NO/NC) relay outputs. Dual IDC input headers directly support the two most common pinout arrangements for digital I/O ports. The XIO-RO8 operates from a single +5Vdc supply which can be provided by the Host, through either of the IDC headers, or externally by means of a two-position removable screw-terminal strip.

Key Features
  • Convert any 8-bit digital port to eight 10A form C relay outputs
  • Removable Screw-Terminals accept 12-24 AWG wiring
  • Port-Wide Pull-Up, Pull-Down, and Invert-Logic to match most any host circuitry
  • 5Vdc only power requirement
  • On-board relay driver logic with individual LED status indicators


Optically Isolated Digital Inputs


Stock #100-7656

The XIO-DI8 performs the interface function of isolating and conditioning input voltage signals into levels compatible with standard 8-bit TTL/CMOS digital ports, such as those found on Single-Board-Computers and Microcontrollers. Eight optically isolated and non-polarized input channels allows any combination of DC or AC signals to be monitored. In addition, low-pass filters can be optionally enabled for the reliable measurement of AC or noisy DC signals.

Key Features
  • Use a devices 8-bit input port to monitor AC and DC signals
  • Independently set input voltage range on each channel
  • Input filters conditions AC and noisy DC field signals
  • Removable Screw-Terminals

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