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Since 1996 SCIDYNE has been designing and manufacturing reliable Embedded System products. We serve both domestic and international markets providing proven solutions to customers with diverse and demanding applications.

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Industrial Controls

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Upgrade your Arduino MEGA!

Give your Arduino MEGA the ability to do more! The standard MEGA has only 8,192 bytes of SRAM. This is simply not enough to tap the otherwise powerful capability of the ATMEGA2560 microcontroller. Plugging on our XMEM+ and issuing just a few software commands increases available SRAM by 32KB. Access the SRAM as an array, by pointer, or dynamic memory. Need even more memory? Use the supplied software routines to manage the XMEM+ on-board High-Speed logic for access up to 512KB. In addition, anyone learning and developing parallel circuitry will appreciate the Parallel Expansion Bus. Your off-board circuits become part of the ATMEGA2560 memory space, running at full speed and without the overhead of slow "Bit-Banging"!

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XMEM+ adds 512K of memory to Arduino MEGA2560 or MEGA ADK and also includes a True Parallel Expansion Bus for developing off-board circuitry

Embedded System Products


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PC/104 is a popular industry standard small form-factor supported by a large multi-vendor community. Its versatile and rugged nature continues to make it a preferred choice for demanding applications.


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What began as a simple low-cost platform for teaching electronics and programming has matured to encompass enthusiasts, system developers, and major OEM manufactures.

Check out our expanding line of unique peripheral boards supporting the popular Arduino architecture.

System Expansion

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Interfacing Microcontrollers and embedded computers to real-world signals is easy with our XIO Series of System Expansion boards.

Typical features include detachable screw-terminals for convenient installation and field maintenance, and status LED's that clearly show board operation.